The Festival

Founded in 1979, the International Children’s Choir Festival in Halle is one of the longest consecutively running festivals of its kind in Germany. It is carried out every two years on the first weekend in May. It lasts four days and offers a unique opportunity to children’s choirs from all over the world to meet and perform their music.

The festival is a symbol of continuity and creative developement. In numerous concerts the festival offers the chance for everyone who is interested in children’s choir music to witness this art on a very high level. In order to maintain this high standard choirs are selected by a committee whose members include the honorary chair of the music council of the State of Saxony Anhalt, several professors at the department of musicology at the Martin Luther University of Halle, heads of municipal music schools, and choir directors.

Choir music is a universal language that helps promote tolerance for people from different cultures.

Traditions, which are characteristic for the respective countries of origin of the choirs, as well as classical and modern pieces of music, give the audience the opportunity to experience different cultures through music. This intercultural aspect of the festival becomes more important every year – to the choirs as well as their hosts and the festival guests. Apart from giving concerts and attending workshops, the choir members have the chance to meet and mingle during occasions like the children’s party hosted by the music school that organizes the festival or the Open Air Concert at the Market Square.